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A Global Gift for Shri Mataji

The best gift we can offer our Mother is love and unity amongst her children. On the auspicious occasion of Her Centenary Celebrations, with complete humility and surrender, we wish to offer a global gift at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Mother.


The subtle expression of the human spirit - Music - is a language that is universal, bringing brothers and sisters together, beyond boundaries of the mind, and barriers of the heart. We desire to offer the praise of the Creator of the Universe as 'one sanga', promise to fulfil Her vision on Earth and to immerse in the Nirvajya Prema - unconditional love and unity


May we unite our voices as one in song to express the manifestation of Her Vision on this Earth, and reaffirm our desire for unity both within and without. Wherever we may physically be, let us raise our voices and proclaim “We Are One!” and we know, the world will be one. We desire to offer the following - 

100th Birthday Song - we will globally offer a song at the Lotus Feet of our Mother, at the location we are attending the 100th Birthday Puja. For all the Yogis coming to India we will collectively offer the song at Nirmal Dham & Chhindwara. 

Video - we will compile a small video depicting the joy and Nirmal Love from every collective from around the world. We will also offer this song during Birthday Puja 2023.


Learn the song

  • You can join online live rehearsals, the details of which will be shared in WhatsApp group or Telegram channel. The links are shared in the contact section.

  • Some resource are given later on in this section

Get involved with local collective

  • If the initiative is already running in your collective, participate in the singing, filming and recording.

  • If not, spread the word and form a team to record a video to become a part of this beautiful global initiative.

  • When recording is complete, please send the recorded video via email mentioned in the contact section. Please specify collective (city and country).

Perform at Birthday Puja 2023

  • Sing the song with the whole global collective in whichever location you are physically present.

  • If you are going to India for the 100th Birthday Puja at either Chhindwara or Nirmal Dham, please fill the Registration Form below, to become a part of the team that will be performing this Bhajan


To help you learn the song we have added lyrics (Hindi & English), Instrumental notation (Indian Classical music), a sing along version of the song and a live rehearsal video. Please contact us if you require other resources. 

Letter to Mother

Lyrics (Hindi)

Lyrics (Eng)

Instrument Notation

We Are One - Birthday Song
00:00 / 10:39


  • Deadline - Please send us your final of video with audio latest by 10th February, 2023. We will need time to edit and collate all the offering into one video.

  • Video duration - ideally 1 minute per country.

  • Dress code - we should be dressed such that we are  presentable to the Goddess. You can wear traditional dresses of your country. 

  • Video content -  the goal is to capture collectivity so please film the song while dancing, singing, sitting together, playing, cooking with love together etc. Also, you need to record yourself singing the English part of the song. You can translate the English part of the song into your native language and sing it in the original tune, for added creativity 

  • Quality - video should not be shaky, blurry or have fast movements. You can keep the camera  stationary on a tripod or use a gimbal for slow movement. If you have the ability to record very good sound quality for the video, we will use the original sound of your video.


  • Orientation - landscape (horizontal) mode

  • Frame Rate -  60 fps for possibility for slow-mo’s

  • Video Resolution - 4K or higher and possibility of cropping

  • Audio - 48 khz for specifically singing parts as to keep a standard for sample rates; b-reel any is fine; Have clear audio while recording


For any additional information or queries please contact us on the following.

+91 9903413642

+358 503881143


For updates & latest information on the event, please join the WhatsApp Group or Telegram Channel by clicking on any link below.

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