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Dear Mother,

We bow to You with our hearts completely filled with humility and gratitude, for we are fortunate that You have given us our Self-Realisation in these times and have worked so hard to establish us as Sahaja Yogis. You have given us the incredible experience of growing within the global Sahaja collective and shown us how to lead a Dharmik way of life. But the amount of Sadhna and Tapasya we did to achieve all this, is almost negligible.


You are the Adishakti, the creator of the whole universe. On the occasion of Your 100th Birthday, the only worthy gift that we can offer to Your Lotus Feet, is our complete dedication to the path You have shown us. Thus, we promise to become a united global Sahaja Sangha, to fully establish Nirmal Love among all of us and to understand the responsibility we have towards Sahaja Yoga, which is to spread the message of Divine Love to the entire World with complete humility, sincerity and dedication.


It is with this pure desire, that on the auspicious occasion of Your 100th Birthday Anniversary, the Sahaja Yogis from India seek your permission to invite brothers and sisters from all over the world, to India. We desire to offer Birthday Puja at two locations - Chhindwara and Nirmal Dham, Delhi and conduct India Tours & Realisation Programs in the months of January to April. 


Mother, please bless us with Your guidance, so that every choice can be made with vibrational sensitivity, discrimination and be looked after with love and attentive care. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to become instruments of Your Love. Please forgive us for any mistakes we may commit knowingly or unknowingly. 


With Love, 
Your children from around the world


As a part of the 100th Birthday Celebrations in India, 'International Birthday Puja & Seminar' along with various 'India Tours' are being organised, with close coordination among entire Sahaja Sangha of India. Sahaja Yogis coming to India between January to April, 2023 can freely select the Puja locations and Tours according to their inner desires or vibrations


The 'International Birthday Puja & Seminar' in India will be held in two locations. Please click on the links below for the complete details of the program


India Tours, Realisation Tours & other events will be organised during the months of January to April. Please click on the links below for the complete details of the program 

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